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A Whitepaper is Published BY The National Bank OF Kazakhstan


The central bank of Kazakhstan has completed the second phase of testing for its digital currency and distributed a whitepaper. The examinations completed by the regulator on its presentation didn’t distinguish huge risks for the country’s financial dependability and economy.


The Advance of Digital Tenge Pilot Project was reported by the Monetary Authority of Kazakhstan

The National Bank of Kazakhstan (NBK) has declared the fruitful completion of the second phase of testing of the platform for its central bank digital currency (CBDC). The consequences of the preliminaries and the concentrate on the requirement for the new variant of the public fiat, the tenge, have been introduced in a whitepaper distributed by the regulator.

The primary phase of the pilot was conducted among July and December, 2021, when a prototype was created to look at the practicality of the CBDC concept, definite a declaration, cited by RBC Crypto. During the second stage, from January to December, 2022, the platform was calibrated and preliminaries began with financial market players and users.

According to the bank, the research has confirmed that the digital tenge is a doable project. Once presented, the CBDC can expand the accessibility of financial services, including through an element permitting offline transactions as well as the offering of new items and services. A review among consumers showed the larger part would utilize the coin.


NBK to Add Members, Launch New Services in Next Phase of CBDC Project

The third phase of execution of the digital public currency will commence in January and continue all through 2023. One year from now, developers intend to present an answer for commercial use. During the fourth stage, which is planned to end in December 2025, the NBK will welcome more members and launch extra services.

In October, Binance founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao declared on Twitter that the NBK plans to utilize the Bnb Chain for the deployment of the digital tenge. The world’s biggest crypto trading platform was conceded permit to operate as a supplier of exchange and custody services for digital assets out of the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC), the country’s financial center.

Authorities in Kazakhstan, which turned into a significant mining center point since China got serious about the industry in 2021, have been also working to all the more comprehensively direct crypto-related exercises. Prior in December, the lower place of parliament, the Mazhilis, passed a committed bill which, other than mining, addresses crypto trading and tax collection.

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