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Aptos Has Announced A ‘World Tour Hackathon’ For 2023


Aptos will hit the road in 2023, with the first event of its “World Tour Hackathon” scheduled for Seoul in February.
What will the rest of the three cities be like?

First Stop: Seoul, South Korea

Aptos blockchain will take its show on the road in 2023, announcing a series of events in four cities, starting with Seoul, South Korea’s capital.

The first stop on the “World Tour Hackathon” will be in Seoul.
according to the Aptos website, there are 3 to 1-3.

“The Aptos Seoul Hack will be in person only with the core Aptos engineers participating.There will be three days of hacking and demos with involved with cap the week on Friday night! Themes include Gaming, NFTs, DeFi, Tooling and Framework with prizes for winning teams in each track,” as per Aptos.”

The deadline to enlist is Jan. 26. There is no mention of where the other three urban communities are planned to be on the visit.

Aptos is the first blockchain-in light of Facebook’s Move programming language and rejected stablecoin project Diem.

What is Aptos:

Aptos is a new, free undertaking zeroed in on conveying the most secure and most production-prepared Layer 1 blockchain on the world. The team includes the first makers, designers, creators, and builders of Diem, the blockchain that was first build to fill this need.

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