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Bank of Russia to Presentation Digital Ruble in April 2023

Digital Ruble

The First Consumer Pilot for the Nation’s Central Bank Digital Currency will be Rolled out by the Bank of Russia on April 1, 2023.


According to the first Representative Governor Olga Skorobogatova, the Russian Central Bank is Preparing to launch the first Genuine Digital Ruble Transactions very soon. These Transactions will Include 13 local banks and Numerous retailers.

According to a Report by the regional news agency TASS, the official said that the future CBDC Pilot would include Certified Activities and Genuine Consumers in Russia, yet that it will be Restricted to a limited amount of Transactions and Clients.

At the Ural Forum on Cybersecurity in Finance, Skorobogatova said that “We hope to start the Digital Ruble project on April 1 with Transactions Remembering individual Transfers as well as Payments for trade and Service Organizations.” She Proceeded to say that the Financial Institutions who were taking part in the Experimental Run program had Technically shown that they were prepared to Start testing the Digital Ruble.
The Representative Governor Provided Clarification that Standard Consumers wouldn’t be allowed to Participate in that frame of mind in the first stage, since banks would start the pilot with clients who have been Picked ahead of time. According to what Skorobogatova said, when the first phase of the Experimental run program is Completed, the Bank of Russia intends to Evaluate how to additionally Develop the Digital Ruble.


The latest Declaration made by Skorobogatova is in Accordance with the Implementation Strategy for the Digital Ruble that was Publicly Introduced by the Central Bank in June of 2022. Because of Western economic Sanctions against Russia, the consumer CBDC pilot was pushed up to a date that was initially planned for 2024 however was raised to a date that was before because the Russian central bank was looking for an alternative to the SWIFT payments system.
This Information comes at when some Russian Authorities are Stating that the Bank of Russia is Examining the Possibility of a Gold-backed coin that would target International Commerce. Vladimir Chistyukhin, the first Representative Governor of the Bank of Russia, is of the assessment that the creation of a “Golden Token” would assist Russia in the Development of a new Investment Product that is Appealing to Investors and a Payment Component that is required for International Settlement.

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