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Banks Holding Cryptocurrencies Face Strict New Regulations in European Parliament

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A Report on a Draft Measure that would Require Banks that hold Cryptocurrencies to set aside a Significant amount of Capital trying to Mitigate Conceivable Risk has been Distributed by the European Parliament.


EU Lawmakers Stated in a Notice dated February 9 that any framework that is Applied to Crypto assets should Adequately Mitigate the risks of these Instruments for the Institutions’ Financial Stability.
One of the highest risk ratings for Investments would be Applied to banks’ Exposure to Digital Assets.The Regulations were not Supposed to Take effect until the 30th of December in 2024, According to the Draft legislation.

“The Association’s Prudential Structure should fully reflect the rapid rise in the activity of financial markets on Crypto-Assets and the potentially increasing Involvement of banks in Crypto-Assets related activities,” According to the study,” With the goal of “adequately mitigating the risks of these instruments for the institutions’ financial stability.” This recommendation was made considering the fact that “the fast increase in the activity of financial markets on Crypto-Assets and the Potentially Increasing Involvement of Institutions in Crypto-Asset “Taking into Account the recent unfavorable events in the Markets for crypto-assets, this matter is definitely more squeezing than it previously was.”


The parliament said that the Proposed modification was as per the Recommendations made by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, also known as the BCBS, Regarding the Mitigation of Potential risks. The legislators agreed that these rules must be placed into effect before the year 2025.

The legislation is expected to be decided in April.The Draft law said that the European Commission should Introduce a proposal on the Crypto Framework by the 30th of June, taking into Consideration the Criteria under the EU’s Markets in Crypto-Assets Framework, or MiCA. After then, it is probable that the entire Parliament will be given the Choice to decide on whether the Proposed measure should be made into law.
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