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Binance Australia Derivatives Begins Shutting Certain Positions And Accounts


Users of the Binance Australia Derivatives Product have Revealed getting Unexpected Notices on February 23 from the Digital Asset Platform, which said that the Company has Started Shutting some Derivatives Contracts and Accounts.


Individuals Who didn’t match the Qualifications to be a “Wholesale Investor” were Informed that their positions would be all closed, and they would never again be allowed to use the Binance Australia Derivatives Platform, according to screen captures that were uploaded on Twitter by different users.

Users have been Encouraged that to continue using Binance Australia’s derivatives platform, they are need to provide the essential proof to demonstrate that they satisfy the criteria for the role of “wholesale investor.”

The letter Proceeded to make sense of that Binance Australia Derivatives is working on a remediation and Compensation plan for customers to whom the Company owes any refunds because of the change.
It was then said that the means that followed were as per the local legislation in Australia, and subsequently, the users were informed rapidly, and the accounts that were impacted were closed.

The Company Officially goes by the name Oztures Trade Pty Ltd, however its trading name is Binance Australia Derivatives. The local Australia office of Binance is a Corporate Approved specialist for Oztures. This is the connection between the two companies.


It is made Completely clear that Derivatives things are just made Accessible for Wholesale Customers located in Australia in the official overDespite this, Customers Commented to Binance’s article on Twitter, with one user from Australia stating that they couldn’t stake their cryptocurrency attributable to complications in their location. Another user said that flexible earn was presently not accessible in Australia, which prompted the Binance support staff to react by saying that they will investigate the situation.

As part of its “Multi-stage” Strategy to combat frauds, Australia Reinforced its watchdogs for the Cryptocurrency field prior in the month of February.view that was issued in July of 2022.

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