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BitCard® and Blackhawk Network (BHN) to Offer Bitcoin Gift Cards at Select U.S. Retailers


BitCard® has Declared a New Relationship with Blackhawk Network (BHN), one of the world’s leaders in Marked Payment Technology. BitCard will offer its Gift card in the U.S, BHN has a large Network of Retailers and B2B Channels. This Relationship is Significant for both BitCard® and BHN.


BitCard® is Introducing one of the first Bitcoin Products to BHN’s network, while BHN is Increasing the Perceivability of BitCard® to Assist Drive with Further Accessing to Bitcoin. Additionally, this Commercial Relationship will Diversify the Offerings, Allowing Retailers, card Rewards, Aircrafts, faithfulness Companies, and a lot more Inside BHN’s network to purchase BitCards® and offer them to their customers as part of their current product, benefits, or Rewards Programs.

“We’re Proud to partner with BitCard®, offering its gift cards that can be used for Cryptocurrency in our Portfolio.

This Marks an Exciting step for Blackhawk inside the universe of crypto, and we’re Glad to offer our vast network a new and innovative gift card choice. We Anticipate seeing the positive Impact this Partnership will have on our Industry.” – Steve Dekker, Overseeing Director, Americas, Blackhawk Network

The BitCard® rollout is Expected to go live before very long, and the two Companies are anxious to see the Advantageous effect of this offering. BitCard is dedicated to making it easy for consumers to access Cryptocurrencies.
It’s goal is to become the most Accessible way to purchase Cryptocurrencies.”We are excited to partner with Blackhawk. The BitCard® rollout will provide BHN partners with yet one more leading gift card choice, while also providing end users easy access to Bitcoin and Crypto — in some cases, for the first time,” said Ed Gieske, CEO of Bitcoin Solutions Inc.

The Network Conveys Payment solutions through pre-paid products, technologies and network that connect brands and people.We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in marked payments to increase reach, dependability, and revenue. We Dependably Execute Security-Disapproved of solutions around the world. Go along with us as we shape the fate of global marked payments. Learn more at


BitCard is a Technology company that aims to make it easy to Purchase Digital Currency.BitCard® is the most Accessible, interoperable method to purchase Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, Securely and safely. The BitCard® offering also supports steadfastness rewards, focuses, and impetus programs. We are engaging clients with access to custody, Compliance, funds Processing, and gift card issuance to assist with supporting new partners.

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