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Bitcoin Flips Visa Again


Yet again Starting from the Start of the year, the Price of Bitcoin (BTC) has Increased by 48%, Which has Caused its Market Valuation to Surpass that of the Payment Processing behemoth Visa.


According to CoinMarketCap, with the price of Bitcoin sitting at $24,365 right now, its market size of $470.16 billion is now just somewhat more than that of Visa, which has a market cap of $469.87 billion right now.

Companies Market Cap Reports that this is the Third time Bitcoin has “flipped” Visa’s Market Cap, implying that Bitcoin’s value has Surpassed Visa’s value.

The first Occasion was in late December 2020, Coincidentally Coinciding with the first time that BTC reached $25,000 in value.This was Accomplished during a price rise that saw BTC move from $10,200 in September 2020 to $63,170 seven months later in April 2021.The price went up for seven months.

BTC was Ready to take the lead over Visa for an Exceptionally Short Timeframe on October 1 before the Payments Business was ready to reclaim their position as the market Chief. Visa Regained the lead among June and October 2022.

This benefit was Additionally Extended when, between November 6 and 10, 2022, the disappointment of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX took off more than $100 billion from the value of BTC in just four days.

However, since that time, BTC has had a complete recovery and has added an extra $65 billion to its market valuation of $408 billion as of November 6. It has been able to surpass the payment processing Giant.

Because of the relatively small hole in their particular market covers, Bitcoin and Visa are now trading places on an hourly basis, which is something that should be taken into consideration.
Regarding the remarkable starting that Bitcoin had in 2023, its third “flipping” of Visa happened closely following a run of 14 days straight during which the price increased.Cette run lasted from January 4 to January 17.


According to Google Finance, the market capitalization of Mastercard, the world’s second-biggest payment processing network, is now $345.24 billion. BTC, then again, has a significant lead over Mastercard.

However, Bitcoin is still trading at a discount of 63% compared to its unsurpassed high of $69,044 that it hit on November tenth, 2021.

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