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Blockchain Association Files Further FOIA Demands Over Banking Closures

Silvergate Suspends

The Recent Regulatory motion against Digital Asset-friendly banks needs Clarity. More Freedom of records Act (FOIA) requests looking for records on Recently closed Crypto-pleasant banks have been submitted by Cryptocurrency Advocacy Institution the Blockchain affiliation (BA) to two Regulators.


On April 14, the affiliation stated that similarly to the FOIA requests, it has also filed Freedom of information regulation (FOIL) requests to the Federal Housing Finance enterprise (FHFA) and the new york branch of monetary services (NYDFS).

The Company is searching for similarly facts at the De-Banking of Crypto Organizations following the seizure of Signature bank and the failure of Silvergate bank.

The BA stated that its request to the NYDFS became to:

They are trying to find out if the closing of Signature bank was the result of the financial Institution’s insolvency or a Choice to send an Anti-Crypto message in spite of the bank being Absolutely solvent.

The Association additionally said that it was investigating whether the failure of Silvergate “was the result of a politically-stimulated choice via the Federal home loan financial institution of San Francisco, which is overseen by the FHFA, to take the amazing and unusual movement of pulling a loan made to Silvergate handiest months earlier.”
In early March, Silvergate’s parent company announced it might “wind down operations” for the crypto and tech-focused financial institution. Its peer Silicon Valley financial institution collapsed on March 10 following a bank run, and the Treasury, Federal Reserve, and different corporations closed Signature bank on March 12.

The affiliation to start with filed for similarly facts from the Federal Deposit coverage company (FDIC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve gadget and the office of the Comptroller of the forex (OCC) concerning the de-banking on March 16.

On April sixteen, the Blockchain association and the DeFi schooling Fund filed a short in a u.s. District court docket over the sanctioning of tornado Cash.
The Blockchain affiliation is an advocacy and lobbying group for the Crypto quarter, with around one hundred members that encompass Industry Executives, Traders, Organizations, Corporations, and Initiatives.

The Association spent over two million dollars on lobbying the U.S. Government in line with Campaign finance statistics company OpenSecrets.

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