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CEO of Composable Finance Vigorously Discredits Allegations

Composable Finance

The Ongoing Chief Executive Officer of Composable Financial has Fervently Dismissed Claims of legal Improprieties made by Karel Kubat, Who formerly Filled in as the Chief Technical Officer of the Decentralized Finance Infrastructure Platform.


In a Tweet Distributed on February 20, Kubat reported his Resignation from the Company while also making a number of allegations against his past manager and the CEO of that business.

Kubat said that he would leave from his position because the business had not supplied him or the community with financial revelations and because he didn’t have an overall image of the company’s financial condition.

However, Kubat stated that he has a Strong Doubt that CEO Omar Zaki, who has been legally banished from fund-raising for Companies, was involved in the raising of Series A funds for the company in violation of a cease-and-stop mandate from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Kubat said he suspects that Zaki was involved in the raising of funds for the company to evade the legal prohibition.
Likewise, Kubat added that he thought that Zaki’s Involvement in the alleged rug-pulling effort known as Pay off was “far higher than he officially acknowledged.”

On February 20, because of Kubat’s resignation, Zaki had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) meeting on Twitter Spaces. In this meeting, he eagerly questioned the allegations that had been all made against him. He expressed that supposedly, the company’s all’s acts had been done in complete and total compliance with the law.


Zaki provided this response in light of allegations that the firm needed financial transparency: “Since the company is privately held, we can’t make its financial information publicly accessible.”
Then again, he said that “we remain unimaginably confident that we have adequate resources, staff, and the technology to truly execute upon our goals, there isn’t anything here that gives me stress or should lead the general population to be concerned.”

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