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Chiliz Launches Layer-1 Blockchain to Support Growth


Chiliz, A Platform for Fan Tokens, has now declared the launching of its own Special layer-1 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible Blockchain Environment. This move was made to allow the Network to Continue growing five years after its first Appearance.

Since the Project’s launch, the Chiliz Fan Token has been powered by the ERC-20 Token.


However, after the Genesis block of the Chiliz 2.0 Blockchain has been Successfully Validated, the Community will shift to Its own Special layer 1.

It is Anticipated that the new Blockchain, which uses a network of 11 active Validators and a proof-of-stake Authority Consensus, will bring about shorter block times, cheaper fees, and Decreased Energy Consumption. These benefits will be realized because of the use of a proof-of-stake Authority Consensus.

According to the Documentation that was Distributed by the Project, Chiliz Chain 2.0 is a Hard Fork of BNB Chain. BNB Chain is a Notable choice for Ethereum Forks. This shows that the new layer-1 is compatible with EVM, a feature that is intended to convince developers of Decentralized Apps to create their Applications inside the Ecosystem Rather than outside of it.
Chiliz has become notable in the fields of the two Games and Diversion thanks to a great Extent to the Progress of the fan token app known as Socios.


The platform works with some of the best teams and businesses in the industry of sports to provide its users with the most ideal experience. Some of the most lofty Football clubs on the planet, similar to Barcelona, Paris Holy person Germain, Manchester City, Arms stockpile, and Juventus, are among the teams who use the platform to deal with the tokens of its Supporters.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Fan Tokens, and Tickets that are Compatible with Web3 may be printed on the platform, making it useful for Corporations, teams, and people. Likewise, users can build Decentralized Apps (DApps) by Combining Web3-based Experiences and Products.

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