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Coinbase to Fundamentally Profit From $1.6B Move of MakerDAO’s USDC, Expert Says

A proposition to move the stablecoin assets was made by Coinbase in September and is approaching a last cutoff time.

Coinbase Global (COIN) will fundamentally profit from the expected transfer of about $1.6 billion in USDC from MakerDAO to Coinbase Prime, Oppenheimer examiner Owen Lau said in an examination note to clients.

Presently, 88% of the votes are supportive of the proposal, with a last cutoff time in three days. Lau views the occasion as being “probable” to be acknowledged by Maker.

Coinbase is one of the co-guarantors of USDC, alongside Circle. The transfer among Coinbase and MakerDAO is essential for Producer’s continuous work to designate about $4 billion in USDC from its treasury to institutional investors to differentiate its asset report and acquire some yield.

Prior in October, Maker put $500 million in U.S. treasuries and corporate bonds.

Lau wrote that the additional USDC on Coinbase Prime would assist the company with acquiring resources and help Coinbase’s capacity to lead comparable proposition, while likewise possibly developing the complete addressable market of USDC and supporting its income share. Oppenheimer rates Coinbase’s stock with a beat and $107 cost target. Shares were trading around $65.45 each in Friday’s session.

Coinbase said for this present week it would defer commission fees for USDC sales and buys made in any fiat currency in a push to advance the more extensive worldwide adoption of its stablecoin.

Analysts from JPMorgan as of late assessed that Coinbase’s joint endeavor with USDC issuer Circle alone could contribute about $700 million of steady income for the company next year.

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