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Crypto has survived worse than the fall of FTX: Chainalysis is a process that takes place in the United States

According to Chainalysis, the downfall of FTX is likely to have a relatively smaller impact on the crypto ecosystem than the death of Mt. Gox.

The fall of Mt. Gox to FTX to find out how the bankruptcy will affect the community. FTX was a smaller part of the industry than Mt. Gox thought that the industry should bounce back stronger than ever.
In a Nov. The research lead of Chainalysis began his comparison by looking at the market share of the two firms.
In the year leading up to the collapse of Gox, it averaged 42% of all exchange inflows, compared to FTX’s average of 13%.

Jardine notes in 2014,  The collapse of Gox meant that centralized exchanges were the only players in the game and that nearly half of all exchange inflows were captured by DEXes.

Source: Chainalysis

FTX was gaining in market share. Mt.Gox was seeing their decline and that their business trajectory is worth considering.

“During the growth of the category, Mt.Gox was becoming one exchange among many, taking a smaller share of the pie. FTX was taking a bigger share of the pie even as its volume declined”

Mt. Gox was the linchpin of the CEX category at a time when CEXes dominated. After the fall of Mt.Gox While on-chain transaction volume was stagnant for a year or so, activity soon picked up.

In Feb.2014, Mt. Gox suspended trading, closed its website, and filed for bankruptcy protection after a hack.
Customers who had holdings deposited on the exchange have not received their funds back.
Gox Trustee made an announcement. They have until Jan. They will have to choose a repayment method for the 150,000 BTC in their possession.

Source: Chainalysis

There are different factors like Sam Bankman-Fried’s huge public presence, the “correlation ought to give the business confidence,” as when it’s come down to advertise essentials, “There’s not a great explanation to figure the business can’t bounce back from this, more grounded than any time in recent memory.”

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