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Crypto To Play ‘Significant Job’ In UAE Trade: Foreign Trade Minister


UAE’s minister of state for foreign trade Thani Al-Zeyoudi noted that as the Country has attracted a great deal of talent from the Crypto sector, the UAE now needs to roll out the correct regulation to help further growth.


Crypto will play a “major role” in the Unified Arab Emirates’ global trade moving forward, says the UAE’s minister of state for foreign trade Thani Al-Zeyoudi.

Talking with Bloomberg on Jan. 20 in Davos Switzerland — where world leaders are as of now gathered for the 2023 World Economic Forum — Al-Zeyoudi provided a host of updates in regards to the UAE’s trade partnerships and strategies heading into 2023.
Commenting on the Crypto sector, the minister stated that “Crypto will play a major role for UAE trade proceeding,” as he outlined that “mainly, we guarantee global governance with regards to Cryptocurrencies and Crypto companies.”

Al-Zeyoudi proceeded to recommend that as the UAE works on its crypto regulatory system, the focus will be on making the Gulf country a hub with crypto-accommodating strategies that also have sufficient protections set up:

“We started attracting some of the companies to the country with the point that we’ll build together the right governance and legal system, which are required.”


The comments from Al-Zeyoudi come simply seven days after the UAE Cabinet introduced new regulation which basically guarantees that entities engaging in Crypto activities should get a permit and approval from the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA).

If companies fail to do so they will confront fines of up to $2.7 million under the new regulation. The move adds to the “Core values” for digital asset regulation and oversight that were distributed by the financial regulator of Abu Dhabi’s Global Market free economic zone in September.

The principles outline a cordial position towards Crypto while also pledging to comply with international standards in Anti-Money Laundering (AML), combating the funding of terrorism (CFT) and supporting financial sanctions.

The UAE’s minister of state for artificial intelligence and the digital economy, Omar Ruler Al Olama also showed up at the World Economic Forum as part of a crypto-focused board on Jan. 19.

Al Olama noted that while the FTX debacle was a major concern, the UAE actually needs to be a hub notwithstanding the entire difficulty.”Them [crypto firms] calling the UAE home is certainly encouraging,” he said.

The minister also distanced the UAE from assertions that its urban communities like Dubai will more often than not become key spots for disgraced Crypto figures to escape to, contending Troublemakers don’t have a nationality and don’t have a destination.

He pushed however that governments accomplish need to work together to stop agitators from going missing overseas.

“You will see them everywhere. You will see them in the Bahamas, you will see them in New York, London, and what we really want to do as governments is to work together, with the industry as well, to guarantee that if someone accomplishes something wrong he can’t move from one spot to the next,” he said.


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