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Cryptocurrency Exchange Huobi Global Is Seeking A License In Hong Kong

Huobi Global

The Cryptocurrency Exchange known as Huobi Global is now in the process of applying for a license in Hong Kong, which comes at when the Chinese Special Administrative region is considering potential Permitting and Regulatory Changes that would Enable it to work with Retail Clients.


The New Regulatory framework, which Stipulates that Cryptocurrency Exchanges should enlist with the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, would make it feasible for the Exchange to Extend its Service Offerings to include the city. According to a thread that was begun on Twitter by Justin Sun, Huobi intends to launch a new exchange in Hong Kong that will be called Huobi Hong Kong and would Cater generally to high-net-worth people and institutions.

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) just barely made the new Hong Kong permitting proposals accessible for public comment, and the new regulations are scheduled to take effect in June. As soon as suppliers of financial services found out about the impending changes, they began making preparations to participate in the upgraded system in December.
During a meeting with Nikkei Asia, Sun said that Huobi may raise the number of employees working out of its Hong Kong office from 50 to 200 this year. He said that the move was prompted by Hong Kong’s favorable position on cryptocurrency as well as the prospect of retail sales.

In January, Huobi expressed that as part of the firm’s Reorganization after Sun’s acquisition of the company in October, they would lay off a fifth of its workforce. The cryptocurrency exchange said in February that it would “strategic and product modifications” be the reason for what reason its Huobi Cloud Wallet will be discontinued in May.

According to Nikkei Asia, Huobi is reportedly looking into the possibility of relocating its base camp from Singapore to Hong Kong.


Huobi is also working to Extend its Service Offerings in a number of different locations. It was revealed in January that the Company is going to create a Crypto-to-fiat charge card supported by Visa. Customers of Huobi who live in the European Economic Region will have the option to use this card everywhere Visa is acknowledged. It is anticipated that you will have the option to purchase that card around the second quarter of this current year.

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