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Decentralized Twitter Alternative Goes Live On Apple’s App Store

Decentralized Twitter

The Damus App is Controlled by Nostr, which uses Decentralized Relays to Distribute end-to-end Encrypted messages, and has a strong backer in Jack Dorsey.


Damus has been approved for the Apple App Store.The approval was confirmed by the Damus team.31,following what it claims were at least three dismissals from the Big Tech player.

Shortly later, Twitter co-founder and Nostr contributor Jack Dorsey shared the news with his 6.5 million followers, with the business visionary labeling it as a “milestone” second for open-source protocols:

The app names itself the “social network you control” and is an informing service built on Nostr — a decentralized network empowering encrypted end-to-end private informing, in addition to other things.

It wants to become a social media platform with uncensored content. It also has built-in payments through the Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network, according to a Jan. 27 post from Protos.

No servers run the network. All things being equal, Nostr uses decentralized relays to distribute messages.

Nostr developers are also focused on utilizing Bitcoin and the Lightning Network to prevent distributed forswearing of-service spam attacks on the Damus app.

Source: GitHub

There are 44 different software developers who have contributed to the code for the Damus web app.

However, getting Damus on the Apple App Store didn’t come without issues.

The Damus Twitter page posted that it had failed in at least three attempts before at long last being approved:

William Casarin, one of Nostr’s core Developers, said on his personal account that it would be a disgrace if Apple users couldn’t use Nostr.

While the Exact partnership among Dorsey and Nostr isn’t known, the Billionaire business person sent north of 14 BTC — worth about $250,000 at the time — in mid-December to assist the Nostr developer with Teaming.


While the news appeared to have increased awareness of the application among the Bitcoin community, other high-profile figures have tested out the Damus App Too.

Among those Include Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin, former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Contractor and Whistleblower Edward Snowden and Pro-Crypto U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis.

At the hour of writing, the Damus web app has run into problems. An admonition message on the site landing page peruses:

“Damus Web is down because someone is trying to take private keys. I wouldn’t recommend utilizing a web client at this time. Damus iOS isn’t impacted.”


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