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DekaBank To Launch Blockchain-Based Tokenization Platform


Together with the Digital asset Startup Metaco, the German Bank DekaBank, Which has been doing Business for 105 years, is now working on the Preparations Important to launch a Tokenization Platform that is Controlled by Blockchain Technology.


Sack has said that the Infrastructure for the Tokenization Platform will become Accessible not long from now, and that this will bring about the Introduction of the first least viable product in our Cryptocurrency Custody Solution.He believes that this will happen very soon.

He Proceeded to make sense of that it is Incredibly Conceivable that the Tokenization Platform will have its first Arrangement of test transactions this year. He said that this year is the most probable time for this to happen.

In Collaboration with the Digital asset Management platform Metaco Harmonize, the following blockchain platform that will be used by DekaBank is now in the process of being Developed. The statement about the Financial Foundation’s Relationship with Metaco was made in an official limit on January 31. It is the expectation of the bank to utilize Harmonize as the Critical platform for what it refers to as a “Institutional Digital Asset Offering.”
According to Sack, the Following sale will include Tokenizing Assets like as shares, Securities, and money to create a new token Economy viable. This will make it Conceivable to buy and sell tokens. What’s more, he said that “Metaco is the way in to this Economy since it is our significant management solution for Tokenized assets on different blockchains.” The reason for this is due to the fact that Metaco is the main impetus behind this economy.


The CEO said that the Process of Tokenization uses a number of other Blockchains.”It isn’t yet clear if there is one blockchain that will become the norm,” he stated. “It is conceivable that several blockchains will coexist.” There is a possibility that more than one blockchain may arise as the Industry standard.

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