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Ethereum Staking Service Rocket Pool Reaches $1 Billion In Total Value

STAKING rocket-pool

According to the Information Provided by DefiLlama, The Total Value Locked was One Billion Dollars on February 9. The Introduction of the Mainnet for the Defi Protocol on November 9, 2021.


Rocket Pool, which Offers What is known as a liquid Staking Solution for Ethereum, Gives Customers the Choice to either join a Current Ethereum Decentralized Node Operator or to Operate their Own Node.

Users can run their own Node with only 16 Ether (ETH), rather than the Network-Specified 32 ETH, and another 16 ETH comes from a pool of users who join a decentralized node operator. This is a significant improvement over Traditional Staking Solutions, as the Capital Necessities are Significantly lower. The latter has a far lower least deposit necessity of just 0.01 ETH. As a trade-off for their ETH, depositors are given a liquid staking token known as rETH. This token fills in as proof that the user is eligible for Staking Rewards over time and Accumulates yield.


There are more than 350,000 ETH Invested in the Protocol.The smart contracts used by Rocket Pool have been inspected by Sigma Prime, ConsenSys, and Trail of Pieces separately. Moreover, Immunefi is Accountable for running the Project’s bug abundance Program.

The Creators of Ethereum have said that the Shanghai Update to the blockchain would in all likelihood become Operational in the month of Spring. Since the network did the fruitful change to proof-of-stake in September 2022, users will have the option to withdraw any ETH that they have staked as well as any awards that they have Accumulated.

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