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Experts are Saying This $0.025 Crypto Could Be the Following Sandbox – Here’s The reason

New crypto gaming project Calvaria impact could have on the space is being compared to other GameFi projects such as The Sandbox and Decentraland.

The battle-card strategy game is set to disrupt the play-to-earn market when it launches, with experts excited by its potential to attract casual and traditional gaming. The developers decided to end the presale early after raising almost $2 million since launch.

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Source: Calvaria

Presale for Calvaria will end after Stage 5

It was supposed to run for 10 stages with 300 million RIA token on offer.
Stage 5 will be the final chance for investors to purchase RIA before the open market, where the price is expected to surge. Calvaria revealed the changes to the investors in an article published on Medium.

Source: Calvaria

The token is on sale for $0.025 each. The pre-sale supply will be cut from 300 million to 150 million, with 115 million of those already sold.
Only 30 million token remain, 20% of the allocation, and 3% of the total 1 billion max supply will be left after stage 5.
The project will move to its initial exchange offering before investors have time to secure their token. With Calvaria already having partnerships with centralized exchanges, it is not expected to take that long to resolve the details for listing.

KuCoin and are both in the top 5 exchanges by trading volume, leading analysts to predict that the coin will pump after it lists.
The project is still to decide where to reallocate the remaining 150 million token that were earmarked for the pre-sale.

Calvaria to attract casual and traditional Gamers

Calvaria’s flagship game, Duels of Eternity, has been developed to appeal to casual and traditional players.
The player experience and player base didn’t match the excitement of investors, as Decentraland and The Sandbox became favorites with both institutional and retail investors.

Source: Calvaria

In the last month, the two games have combined for less than 20,000 players, which pales in comparison to the likes of Fortnite, Minecraft, or Roblox, which attract tens of millions of players every day.
Calvaria believes that Duels of Eternity will be able to solve two major issues that other GameFi projects have run into. The first is restrictive expenses, with most P2E games requiring expensive NFTs to try and play, and the second is an absence of information on the Blockchain putting numerous players off.

Calvaria will solve these issues by offering a completely free Web2 version of Duels of Eternity that can be played on any device.

Source: Calvaria

The P2E version of the free-to-play version will have all rewards removed.
Calvaria will try to get players to switch to the P2E version on the strength of the game, as well as adding a tracker to see how much they could’ve earned playing the P2E version.
The F2P game will teach players about the technology in exchange for rewards and assets.

What is Duels of Time everlasting?

In Duels of Eternity, players stack their decks with cards and assets and face opponents in one vs. One match.
Calvaria has added a number of quirks to separate themselves from the other games on the block.
Duels of Eternity will be a fully 3D game and will also be available on mobile devices, which is why we’ve dubbed it one of our best games to play.

Source: Calvaria

Duels of Eternity has a traditional player vs player mode as well as a single-player story mode that builds out the lore of the Calvaria universe and allows players to earn cards and assets that can be utilized in other modes.
Calvaria is going to take a seasonal approach to the game, offering new characters, upgrades, and seasonal tournaments to ensure long-term success.
The project will host tournaments with some of the biggest names in the community, as well as develop its own in-house team.
In the future, the developers will introduce virtual reality to the community.

NFTs will be fully tradeable on the open market and players can combine two cards into one to upgrade them.
The token smart contract has been audited by SolidProof, and Calvaria’s developers are doxxed.
Calvaria is giving away $100,000 of RIA token to three winners.

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