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Former Tmon CEO Faces Arrest For Taking Pay-Offs To Promote Terra Classic

Terra Classic

According to a File through the Dong-An Ilbo News source, the Pinnacle of the economic and securities joint Research Group on the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office asked an Arrest Warrant for pay off Charges to be Delivered Towards the former CEO of Tmon, known as “Mr. A,” as well as a person Referred to as “Dealer B,” who worked on lobbying in the Financial Sector in favor of Terra.


According to the Allegations, Mr. Daniel Shin, the Co-Founder of Terra, gave a LUNC token to a person. Mr was Encouraged by Shin. Terra is a Straightforward method of Payment.

Following this event, Tmon began Promoting LUNC and getting the news out that the Token is a Solid Investment. The investigators accept that the promoting were answerable for the price Growth of the Token since they Raised the Expectations of Investors.

It is Speculated that the Former CEO of Tmon has Profited Billions of Received from the sale of the LUNC tokens that have been Gotten in kind for the Advertising.

Furthermore, the investigation emphasized that despite warnings from financial regulators, Shin has apparently contributed money to different businesses, for example, Tmon to promote LUNC as a safe payment instrument. This was one of the focuses that was underlined in the research.

On November 14, prosecutors in South Korea asked for Shin to assist with the Investigation into the collapse of the Terra. The police said that Shin had been in Control of LUNC Tokens without the Knowledge of the Investors and had made Illicit Transactions Totaling in Excess of 105 Million Dollars before the Collapse of the firm.


The Prosecutors who are Responsible for the Case have been Continually Expanding the Scope of their Investigations and Focusing their Attention on Additional Individuals Implicated. On the 30th of November in the year 2022, the Authorities in South Korea issued an Arrest Order for Shin, Alongside three investors in Terra and four Specialists liable for the Project.

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