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FTX hacker splits nearly $200M in ETH across 12 wallets

The FTX hacker is getting pleas for a share of funds from ether users. The hacker behind the FTX theft has been spotted moving their ill-gotten funds again. Between 4:11 to 4:17 pm on November 21, the attacker moved a total of 180,000 ether, across 12 newly created wallets, each receiving 15,000 ETH. The total amount moved $199.3 million at current prices.

source: etherscan

The attacker may be planning to subdivide it into smaller and smaller amounts in order to confuse investigators, or they may be planning to use a mixing service at some point to obscure which coins are theirs.
The hacker may have received messages from some users asking for a share of the loot. The user who registered the ENS domain name “ftx-rekt200k-pls-help.

They tried to get noticed by sending 21 transactions of 1 ether to the hacker. The user was even more inventive. They registered the ENS domain, “pleasecheckutf8data.

source: etherscan

Inside each transaction was a UTF8 encoded message that said: Please send me 100k, I have medical bills to pay and visit the USA this coming December and I need you to send me 100k. I have muscular issues and can’t walk. Please help!
The message contained a link to an Imgur post which the user claimed was proof of their medical appointment. The hack happened in November.
FTX filed for Chapter 11 protection on the same day.
On November 20, the attacker transferred 50,000 ETH to a separate wallet and then used two separate renBTC bridges to convert it to Bitcoins.
The hacker is the 40th largest holder.

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