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FTX Users Lose Millions due to API Exploit

On Saturday, a few crypto suffered massive losses afte rhackers stole millions of dollars worth of digital assets from their FTX accounts by exploiting an API connected to their exchanging accounts.

A FTX user was stunned when he realized that his account using the 3Commas API traded the Governance(DMG) token in excess of multiple times, bringing about a deficiency of about $1.6 million worth of ssets ,including Bitcoin, Ether, and FTX tokens.

3Commas is a crypto exchanging trading that allows users to built automated trading exchanging bots on FTX and numerous different trades.

The report confirmed that this was not an isolated incident,as there were three who suffered different suffered the loss. who victim of the FTX exploits disclosed that he lost $1.5 million to the incident,which happened on October 21.While he said malicious players had exchanged DMG through his record on October 18th and 19th,he addressed why FTX had not set up risk control measures to prepare for illegal trading activities.

An investigation conducted by trading-bot platform 3Commas and crypto exchange FTX showed that API keys linked to 3Commas were used to carry out unauthorized trades for DMG trading pairs on FTX. Both FTX and 3Commas identified that hackers used new 3Commas accounts to perform the DMG trades, as “the API keys were not taken from 3Commas but from outside of the 3Commas platform.”

The investigation showed that fraudulent websites identifying themselves as 3Commas were phish API keys users linked accounts connected FTX fraudulent web interfaces. The ‘fake websites API keys were then stored and later used to put the unauthorized trades on the DMG exchanging matches on FTX. 3Commas further used that hackers utilized outsider third-party browser extensions and malware to take the API keys from users.

The duo identified suspicious accounts based on user activity and, as a result, suspended the API keys to avoid further losses. FTX users who linked their accounts with 3Commas, therefore, received a message concerning their API as being “invalid” or “requires updating” and now are expected to create new API keys.

3Commas and FTX are currently working with the victims to provide assistance and garner more information about the hacking incident.

Why Crypto Hacks Are Surging

2022 has been identified as the most obviously terrible year as far as crypto hacks, as per a Chainalysis research firm.October is recognized as the most horrendously terrible ever month for crypto-related violations, with more than $718 million in by and large losses. Funds were stolen from different DeFi protocols during 11 different attacks.

This year is expected to outperform 2021 as the most prolific year for hacking on record, with 125 hacks that have led to over more than $3 billion worth of assets stolen until this point. $325 million attack on cross-chain Wormhole, a $625 million attack on Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge,a $200 million attack on the Nomad bridge, a $100 million hack on Binance, and a lot more occurred for the current year.

Poorly protected protocols and unaudited decentralized appls are easy pickings for hackers who take advantage of their highly vulnerable locks.

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