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Genesis Creditors To Expect 80% Recovery Under Proposed Rebuilding Plan

Genesis Creditors

Digital Currency Group (DCG) Plans to Hand its value Stake in Genesis’ Trading arm to Genesis Global, Which will then, at that point, be Sold, Pending Court Approval.


A Genesis Creditor has Revealed the new Proposed Rebuilding plan between Genesis, Digital Currency Group and Creditors will see Creditors Getting back at least 80% of their Funds.

On Feb. 6, Genesis Global reported it reached an “Agreement on a Fundamental level” with Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its Creditors, which will eventually see its Crypto Trading and Market-Production arm Sold as part of Rebuilding efforts.

DCG would Contribute its share of value in Genesis Global Trading — Genesis’ Brokerage Subsidiary Business — to Genesis Global Holdco, the holding Entity for Genesis.

All Genesis-Related Entities would become part of the same holding Company. The terms of the agreement will see DCG trading a current $1.1 billion promissory note due in 2032 for Convertible Preferred Stock. It will also refinance its current 2023 term loans with an Aggregate value of $526 million and make them Payable to Creditors.

The agreement will also see Crypto Exchange Gemini Contribute $100 million for Gemini Earn users have funds frozen with the Bankrupt firm.


Pending the close of these Transactions, which need the Important court Approval, Genesis will try to put its Then-Possessed Genesis Global Trading Entity up for Sale.

A Feb. 6 user update from the Genesis creditor and Crypto yield Platform Doughnut said the plan “has a recovery rate of Approximately $0.80 per Dollar Deposited, with a path to $1.00” for Genesis Creditors.

The Amount of Recovery Depends on the value note, realized prices and Unknown Costs Associated with the rest of the Bankruptcy.

Genesis is Currently Rebuilding as part of its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Proceedings Originating from a liquidity Emergency in November Welcomed on by the bankruptcy of Crypto Exchange FTX.


At an initial bankruptcy hearing in January, Genesis lawyers said that the firm was looking for a fast resolution to its Creditor Questions and Expressed hopeful that the company would Come out of Chapter 11 by the end of May.

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