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IRS Official: Crypto Is Staying put and ‘Becoming More Legitimate’


A top Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official says, “Cryptocurrency is setting down deep roots,” and “it’s becoming more legitimate.” The official added that the U.S. charge authority is hoping to cooperate with crypto companies, noticing: “I don’t understand how we can operate here without it.”


The top IRS official says that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Thomas Fattorusso, acting special specialist accountable for the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI’s) New York office, discussed cryptocurrency in a meeting with The Money Road Diary recently.

“We can’t be threatening to the technology.The IRS official said that they need to embrace it.

“Cryptocurrency is here to stay. All things considered, it isn’t going anywhere at any point in the near future and it’s becoming more legitimate. It becomes more sophisticated as the years go on.”

Fattorusso made sense of that the IRS is hoping to join forces with crypto companies. “My thinking is that those relationships will create as the years continue and [as] the companies become more comfortable with managing the federal government. I don’t have the foggiest idea how we can operate here without it,” he thought.


Fattorusso commented on the IRS cooperating and partnering with Cryptocurrencies:

“That’s something that we’re continuously working toward … that’s dependably the ultimate objective — to have those organizations and to have a relationship that isn’t contentious, even more a cooperative relationship.”

He believes that partnering with federal agencies “helps them [crypto companies] in their authenticity.” The IRS official added: “This is a new industry for everyone. I believe we’re actually attempting to feel our strategy for getting around it. The companies are feeling their strategy for getting around it.”

In November last year, IRS Criminal Investigation chief Jim Lee said that the assessment authority is building “hundreds” of Crypto cases.

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