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LinksDAO and Spey Bay Golf Club


LinksDAO, A Golf Business show to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is Considering making a bid to buy the recently Placed up for Sale Spey Straight Golf Club in Scotland, which is Estimated to be worth Approximately $900,000.


After half a month of Informal Discussion, the Proposal vote was Officially Opened on February 20 by LinksDAO, which Portrays itself as a “Global Group of Golf Enthusiasts” Determined to build the “World’s Greatest Golf Community.” This event followed the official opening of the decision on February 20.

It would be the absolute first time that the DAO has ever purchased a Golf Course.

At the time this article was Composed, In Excess of 88% of the 4,100 LinksDAO Tokenholders had previously voted in Support of the Proposal. The democratic period will Officially end on February 22 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Proposal stated that the LinksDAO Acquisition Committee will meet with the pertinent parties required to Construct a “compelling offer” for the purchase of the club, If the last count remains in favor of the purchase, it will be with the full purpose of successfully purchasing the golf course.

The Creators of the Proposal, who Identified themselves as “Bez,” “Jim,” “cbruce,” and “Nickwalkermsu,” Explained that despite the fact that the majority of the DAO’s research efforts have been focused on locating an Appropriate Golf course purchase in the United States, “this listing was too special to disregard.”

We ran over a piece of land in Scotland known as the Spey Cove Golf Club after buying a golf course.The purpose of this vote is to conclude whether we should proceed with making an offer and working toward purchasing the course.


The Essayists also said that the Course is “Playable now,” and they referenced that the course’s high roof in Comparison to its modest price makes it a beneficial investment.
According to the Creators’ Explanation, “Even a price that is Quadruple the ‘Recommended price’ would be lower than most Shoddy Courses we have Reviewed so far in the United States.”

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