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liquidators are under surveillance for over 48 million SOL tokens


Sam Bankman-Fried’s trading company, Alameda Research, no longer owned over 48 million SOL token, which was worth over $643 million.

Rumors that the enormous SOL stash could be a source of intense selling pressure were quickly addressed by Solana.
The platform claims that the SOL stash is likely to be frozen until the process of liquidating is finished.
The lock on the SOL token prevents it from being sold on the open market because the coins are not in circulation.

Your source says:1. That rate is wrong2. Alameda no longer holds the SOL, the liquidators do3. The SOL on the chart is locked and can’t be sold, often for some years4. In any case, Part 11 means nothing can be sold until bankcruptcy finishes, could require 10+ years
Solana Compass (@SolanaCompass) November 26, 2022

Alameda Research held the most SOL locked (48,648,493 SOL) in a staked account, representing 65.3%.
It is not likely that this stake will move immediately once unlocked, as the process of liquidating tends to take as long as ten years.

Source: Solanacompass
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