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Logan Paul Unveils $1.5M CryptoZoo Recovery Plan

Logan Paul

As a feature of the plan, Logan Paul Stated that he will commit 1,000 ETH to repay disgruntled investors that need to make an exit through burning their CryptoZoo NFTs.


There is a recovery plan for the people who invested in the NFT project. Declaring the move in a video shared through Twitter on Jan. 13, Paul reiterated that he is done seeking sue fellow YouTuber Coffeezilla for defamation over accusations he made in a basic series of videos on Paul’s NFT project.

Thusly, Paul emphasized that he is rather centered around fixing CryptoZoo, following through on the guide and making things right with fans and investors:

“The truth of the matter is, suing Coffeezilla won’t help Cryptozoo holders so I really do have to concentrate where it ought to be, which is on fans and allies of me.”

Paul outlined that his recovery plan consists of three phases. Right off the bat, he and his manager/CryptoZOO co-founder Jeff Levin will burn their ZOO token possessions so they “have no financial potential gain” in the game, thus that the token apparently has more value.

Secondly, he claimed that he will by and by commit 1,000 Ether as a feature of a rewards program that empowers “frustrated” investors to burn their NFTs to get the underlying 0.1 ETH ($150) mint price back.

Reaction tweet from @CryptoKingBob: Twitter

It is worth noting that at the hour of Paul’s tweet in which he said he was setting up $1.3 million for the rewards program, the 1,000 ETH was worth that total. However the price of ETH — among a large group of other top assets — has since been on a strong siphon that has seen its price gain 10.2% throughout the course of recent hours to sit at generally $1,548 at the hour of composing.


At last, Paul noted that the third stage is to “clearly finish and convey the game as outlined in the whitepaper,” which was at first touted as a play-to-earn game that involved breeding animal NFTs to get ZOO token rewards.

“To say I’m disappointed in how this was handled internally is an understatement, there’s a full internal investigation happening alongside an audit and we will seek after full legitimate activity for whoever should be considered accountable.”

“On the off chance that any money is recovered in the process, it’ll go right to the community,” he added.

The community reaction to Paul’s Twitter post was blended, with some offering their appreciation to Paul’s endeavors, while others continued to heap on with additional analysis.
Users, for example, @tharaxis noted that while analysis of Paul and CryptoZOO was substantial, “all of this appears to be extremely sure and keeping in mind that it took some time this certainly merits a ‘great job’. Ideally it stays that way.”

Roger Hamilton is the founder and CEO of Genius Group. Please accept my apologies and compensation for the people who lost money.How great if all CoffeeZilla investigations could wind up along these lines.”


On the opposite finish of the range, well known NFT and crypto trader @crypto_bitlord7 stated: “However can we just be real. You didn’t mind until it began to affect your reputation.”

“You then threatened to sue. What’s more, when you understood it blew up, you began this to attempt to kindly people. You are more or less phony.”A genuine Live action role player,” they said.

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