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Mississippi State Senate Passes Bill to Protect Crypto Miners


The Mississippi Digital Asset Mining Act was Approved by the State Senate on February 8, 2019, Bringing the State of Mississippi, Which is located in the United States, one Bit nearer to Safeguarding the rights of Cryptocurrency Miners. There is an Equal Measure that is now being Deliberated upon in the house of Representatives of the State.


Home Mining of Digital Assets and the Operation of Mining Firms in areas Designated for Industrial use are both made legitimate by a Measure Proposed in the State Senate and Sponsored by State Senator Josh Harkins. The State of Mississippi, Which has among of the cheapest rates for private power in the United States, is now home to cryptocurrency miners. The Measure, then again, said that “Digital Asset Mining has Habitually met Regulatory Obstacles at the State and Civil Level.”

Likewise, the bill Prohibits forcing Prerequisites on Miners that are greater than those locally Applied to data focuses; Changing the Drafting of a Mining Community without Proper Notification and an opportunity to appeal; Restricting Commotion from Home Mining past Existing Cutoff Points; and Restricting clamor from home Mining past Existing Cutoff Points. It makes it illegal for the Public Service Commission to force Discriminatory Charges on Mining Companies and Excludes home and Business Miners from the Prerequisites that apply to money Transmitters.
The Satoshi Action Fund has been active in Mississippi, Among with different States throughout the country. During his presentation before the Mississippi Senate Finance Committee in January, the Chief Executive Officer of the fund, Dennis Watchman, Raised the Possibility that Cryptocurrency Miners may Exploit Deserted oil and gas wells as a source of Electricity.


Vagrant wells are Referenced in both the Senate bill and the House Rendition. As per the Provisions of the house bill, a state Digital Asset Mining Council would be laid out. Over the span of the year, its members would deliberate on matters like the viability of using the wells as a source of electricity for Mining Operations. The Ways and Means Committee voted in favor of passing the house bill, yet the measure has not yet been addressed on the house floor.
The Measure Proposed in Mississippi remains as a Conspicuous difference to the two-year Restriction on Cryptocurrency mining that was Approved in New York in November and Consequently Endorsed into Regulation.

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