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Monetary Services Chair McHenry Sends SEC Second Request For Records Connected With SBF Arrest

Former FTX CEO

Sam Bankman-Fried was Arrested not long before his Committee Appearance was Scheduled.
Leadership in the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee was not happy with Protections and Trade Commission head Gary Gensler’s reaction to their request for archives. They have Contacted the SEC Chairman again in a Strongly Phrased letter.


Committee Chair Patrick McHenry and the Chair of the Oversight and Examinations Subcommittee, Rep. Charge Huizenga, composed Gensler on Feb. 10, “requesting records and correspondences between and among both the SEC’s Division of Implementation, the Workplace of the Chair, and the Branch of Equity (DOJ)” as to the planning of charging and arrest of previous FTX Chief Sam Bankman-Fried.

Bankman-Fried was scheduled to show up before the Financial Services Committee on Dec. 13, yet was kept from affirming by his arrest.
The SEC has missed cutoff times for presenting the archives requested thus hindered crafted by the committee. In addition, SEC staff gave 232 pages of records that were “freely accessible and not receptive to the request.”
The lawmakers set another cutoff time for select reports of April 17 toward the finish of the working day. They cautioned:

“Inability to create the requested data could bring about the Committee thinking about utilizing obligatory cycle, if vital, to acquire the requested data.”
Connected to the letter were 14 pages of directions “with the end goal of this Request” for delivering the material the representatives had requested.

Gensler is set to show up before the committee face to face on April 18, McHenry has recently declared.

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