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North Korea Stole More Crypto In 2022 Than Any Other Year: UN Report

North Korea HACKS

A Report Submitted to the United Nations Found North Korean Cyber Attacks have Become vastly more Sophisticated and Rounded up more Crypto than any other Time.


According to A Classified United Nations Report, North Korean Hackers Stole more Crypto Assets in 2022 than in any other year.

The UN Report was Submitted to the North Korea Sanctions Committee last week.

It Found North Korean-linked Hackers were Answerable for between $630 million and a bigger number of than $1 billion in stolen crypto assets last year after Targeting Networks of foreign Aerospace and Defense Companies.

The UN Report also Noted that cyber attacks were more Sophisticated than in earlier years, Making following Stolen Funds more difficult than any other time.

The Independent Sanctions Monitors said in its Report to the UN Security Council Committee that North Korea used Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Strategies to Gain Access to Digital Networks Involved in Cyber Finance and to take Information of potential value, Including to its Weapons Programs.

Last week, a Feb. 1 report from Blockchain Analytics Firm Chainalysis reached a similar Conclusion, connecting North Korean hackers to at least $1.7 billion worth of stolen crypto in 2022, making it the most horrendously Terrible ever year for Crypto Hacking.

North Korean hackers
Source Chainalysis

The Cybercriminal Syndicates have been dubbed the most “prolific cryptocurrency hackers” in recent years, According to the Organization.
“For context, North Korea’s total commodities sold $142 million in 2020, so it’s nothing but a stretch to say that cryptocurrency hacking is a significant part of the country’s economy,” Chainalysis said.


According to Chainalysis, at least $1.1 billion of the stolen plunder was taken from hacks of decentralized financeprotocols, making North Korea one of the main impetuses behind the DeFi hacking trend that intensified in 2022.
The firm also found that North Korea-linked hackers tend to send enormous aggregates to blenders, for example, Tornado Cash and Sinbad.

Chainalysis said that funds from hacks done by North Korea-linked hackers move to blenders at a higher rate than funds Stolen by others or Groups.

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