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SEC Files Objection to Binance.US plans to Acquire Voyager Digital


The SEC needs to see more information remembered for the $1.022 billion arrangement between Binance’s U.S. arm and Voyager Digital before it consents to the acquisition.


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a “restricted protest” to Crypto exchange Binance.US’s proposed $1 billion takeover of bankrupt Crypto lender Voyager Digital, refering to an absence of “vital information.”

The restricted protest was filed on Jan. 4, with the SEC highlighting an absence of insight about Binance.US’s capacity to support the acquisition, what Binance.US’s operations would resemble following the arrangement, and how customer assets will be gotten during and after the transaction.

A restricted protest is like an ordinary complaint yet just applies to a particular piece of the procedures.

Furthermore, the regulator also maintains that Voyager should give more detail on what might happen should the transaction not be consummated by April 18.

In its filing, the SEC said it previously communicated its concerns with Voyager and the lender means to document an updated revelation proclamation before a meeting regarding this situation.

A few commentators deciphered the protest as the SEC recommending Binance.US wouldn’t have the option to bear the cost of the acquisition without “some untoward managing, for example, getting funds from Binance’s worldwide substance.

While Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has freely expressed that Binance.US was a “completely independent entity,” an Oct. 17 Reuters report claimed that the U.S. entity acts more like a “true subsidiary” that was made to “protect Binance from U.S. regulators.”


Accordingly, CZ contended in an Oct. 17 blog entry that Binance was committed to complying with regulators, that the writer of the article was detailing in a one-sided way and had utilized a show given by an outer consultant that was rarely carried out.

Voyager reported on Dec. 19 that it had agreed to Binance.US’s offered to get its assets, in a deal worth $1.022 billion altogether.

The lender noted in a public statement that the bid was the “most noteworthy and best bid for its assets,” which would expand the value got back to customers and creditors “on a facilitated time span.”

Voyager declared on Sept. 27 that FTX.US had won the closeout for its assets with an offer of $1.4 billion, which would have seen customers recover 72% of their frozen Crypto, a deal that has since failed to work out.

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