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South Korean Officials Traveled To Serbia To Find Do Kwon


South Korean Authorities have Recently Requested Cooperation from the Serbian Government to bring Kwon back.


The Chase after the Controversial Founder of the Now-Collapsed Terra Ecosystem, Do Kwon, has Intensified with South Korean Officials Reportedly Confirming they sent at least two people to Serbia to Find him.

According to a Feb. 7 Bloomberg report, the Prosecutor’s office in Seoul said the Reports “Aren’t bogus” Regarding Members of its team Journeying out to the Balkan state to Track Down Kwon.

It Appears at least Two State officials went — One from the Prosecutor’s office and the other from South Korea’s Equity Ministry.
South Korean-based publication Chosun Media Covered Dec.11, A state Intelligence Official told them that Kwon was based in Serbia. There is currently no removal treaty between South Korea and Serbia.

This probably made Serbia a great hideout spot for Kwon, according to a recent assessment article from Minso Kim, an essayist for the South Korean publication Chosun Media.

South Korea has however stripped Kwon of his passport, which may make future travel more Difficult.He has been accused of being on the run. When South Korean prosecutors issued a capture warrant against him, an accusation that he denied in October.


The 31-year-old fallen business person has also been accused of breaching capital markets regulations.

While Kwon is known to be a Prolific Tweeter, he went almost two months without Tweeting or Retweeting a Solitary post — Causing some to Speculate what the Controversial figure has been up to.

However, Kwon recently answered an Evocative Tweet Targeted at him, stating that he hasn’t stolen any money and has never had any “Secret Cashouts.”
The Collapse of the Terra ecosystem was in part set off by the de-peg of its TerraClassicUSD (USTC) Algorithmic Stablecoin, UST. Terra Classic (LUNC) was closely linked to the Stablecoin, with that too falling close to 100 percent.

Approximately $60 billion worth of value was Cleared out of the Ecosystem.
Terraform Labs and the South Korean Prosecutor’s office for comment however didn’t receive an immediate reaction.


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