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There Are 5 Indian Web3 Companies That You Should look Out For

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Web3 and the Cybersecurity Industry have been talked about a lot by investors and business people.
The Web3 industry is growing in India like the Cybersecurity industry.


Lightspeed and Sequoia Capital India are early investors in Web3.

Top 5 Indian Web3 Companies To Look Out For In 2023


The proof-of-stake consensus was modified to support unanimity.
Preserving the security, interoperability, and structural advantages of the platform.
The flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty of a project can be increased by the Polygon platform.
MATIC handles the network’s management, securitization, and payment transaction fees.


Entrepreneurs, professionals, and other creators can use GuardianLink.
To design their own launch pads.
The high-end legitimacy protocol of NFTs is the only one that can guarantee their legitimacy.
The ability to publish, mint, preview, and manage their own no-code curated NFTs is available to high-end businesses and artists.


KrypC, a blockchain programming company situated in Bangalore, was begun in 2016. The company has workplaces in the US, the Netherlands, and India. IBM and Microsoft have cooperated with KrypC to foster smart contract applications for blockchain technology. However, the technology platforms utilized by the company are Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain.



Digital and mechanical arrangements are presented by SoluLab. It is gifted in web improvement, portable application advancement, blockchain, simulated intelligence, and the Internet of Things. It is the top enterprise blockchain advancement company on the planet. Since its foundation in 2014, the business has worked with north of 50 celebrated clients. However, it completed north of 90 top of the line projects and made a progress rate of more than 95%. In a short amount of time, their clientele has extended to in excess of 12 distinct countries.


Biconomy is a platform that empowers blockchain developers to work on the transactional and onboarding capacities of their Web3 projects. The fitting and-play strategy empowers smooth and consistent Web 3 cooperations. However, it is among DApps and end users by limiting blockchain complications. To do this, we give a multi-chain, non-custodial, gas-effective relayer infrastructure network that upholds greatly versatile meta-transactions.

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