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This is the best eco-accommodating crypto that will explode before 2024


Did you know that Bitcoins consumes more electricity than Norway ?
It is not the only energy hog in the market, as most cryptocurrencies need heavy computing power to function.

Source: IMPT.IO

Over the years, this has been a big problem and green activists have been critical of them ever since they became mainstream.
The activists will support IMPT, an eco-friendly token, instead of condemning it.
IMPT has raised over $13 million during the live pre-sale and has the ability to reduce carbon emissions.
How does IMPT work, and what is the hype about it?
Let’s check it out.

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The carbon credit industry is being changed

A lot of countries impose strict rules on carbon footprint offset limits for companies, making carbon credits a hot topic among governments and businesses. China and the USA are considered to be the two largest global polluters, so there is still a lot that needs to be done.
John Kerry, US Climate Envoy, recently stated that the next decade is crucial and that everyone should give it their best to try and fight the disastrous effects of climate change.
IMPT could be one of the solutions. Until now, only companies were allowed to participate in the carbon credit market.
IMPT wants to establish a new order in which the value of carbon credits will be determined by the free market and both companies and individuals could have a chance of making a positive impact on the environment.

Joining NFT innovation with carbon credits

Carbon credits are licenses for emitting carbon in exchange for donating to eco-organizations. New technology will be introduced by IMPT. IMPT will allow people to buy carbon credits, fund an eco-project, and burn the credits to offset carbon emissions.
Sell the NFTs for a profit on a secondary marketplace or keep them in your portfolio as a long-term investment.
Those who retire their NFTs will make a positive impact in the world and will be rewarded with another unique NFT that can also be traded.
The developers will use the technology to prevent carbon credit market frauds from occurring and make sure everything goes smoothly on the network.
The issues that will be solved are fake carbon credit creation and double-counting.

Over 25,000 big brand partners

Source: IMPT

Aside from buying them directly on the website, users can also acquire IMPT token through casual shopping.
IMPT has partnerships with over 25,000 companies and brands that will reward shoppers with IMPT token for shopping at their stores.
Microsoft, Apple, Lego, Macy’s, Adidas, Hugo Boss, and more are some of the biggest names so far.
Only businesses that have proven they are ESG friendly are eligible for partnering up with IMPT and becoming an affiliate.
Shoppers will be able to make better choices if they shop at a brand with a better IMPT percentage.
This model has gained a lot of attention in the media and analysts are impressed by how IMPT has created a system where both big companies and individuals are contributing to the well-being of our planet.

IMPT presale is on fire

IMPT has raised over $13 million in funding so far. It only took three weeks for the project to reach its first million dollar milestone. The best time to join the early investor club is now.
IMPT was KYC-verified by CoinSniper and smart contract audited by Hacken, meaning that it is 100% secure and not another rug-pull scam.
The team behind IMPT has revealed that most of the token supply will be sold during the presale and there will be no vesting period.
You can join the Telegram group to stay up to date on all the latest occurrences, and check out the official IMPT whitepaper.

The decision

The planet is in the worst shape it has ever been and if we don’t act soon, the consequences for future generations will be serious.
With the vast majority of cryptocurrencies only adding oil to the fire, a lot of experts predict that now is the time to invest in eco-friendly projects since that’s the industry that will evolve the most in the next few years.
IMPT is an eco-friendly asset that has the potential to change the industry and bring huge profits.
IMPT has displayed an advanced set of features and has partnerships with some of the most popular names in business.
IMPT is a project that you will want to be a part of before it explodes.

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