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Top crypto and blockchain business visionaries to focus on in 2023

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Despite the volatile nature of the industry, it still bends some major financial rules, slowly pushing towards leadership in the modern economy.
Due to the attractiveness of the industry, the competition is rising, and this is causing a shift in leadership.
Although the recent world events, FTX collapse and Bitcoin drop shook the industry, some of the names are still coming and drafting plans for the next year.

Alex Meurer

Alexander is a self-made businessman and a market analyst who made $2 million in Bitcoins.
He started a channel on the internet, called AMCrypto, in order to educate and give insights on trends.
Alex flaunts numerous top lists, all of which praise his success and admiration for his will to share the knowledge to improve the industry.
Alex has gathered a lot of knowledge and expertise on the market.
He wants to show people all the opportunities that are out there.
He wants to share and educate society about it, pushing it to a new level while advocating for it.

Guy Yanpolskiy

Guy Yanpolskiy has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry.
He founded the GuyWay agency and co-founded Yafo and Genirium.
Guy is one of the top tech, investment, Blockchain and NFT event organizers, having 13 years of experience in the field.
Guy has worked with more than 30 companies, raising over $30 million in revenue.
He has been recognised as one of the top players in the industry by many accredited sources.
Guy keeps expanding his businesses despite an already enormous bag of achievements, aiming to create the Business Hub in Dubai by connecting more experts through his WOW summits that have already elapsed in the United States, Portugal and Hong Kong.has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry.

Gracy Chen

Gracy Chen is the managing director of Bitget, a trading platform that focuses on the security and seamlessness of trading in Cryptocurrencies.
Gracy has drawn attention to himself in recent years.
She is an example of a dedicated person in tech who raises steadily, having held a marketing executive position in Taiwan.
Gracy supports the rise of the digital currency and also invests in it and pushes the industry.
She tends to use the Bitget exchange to spread knowledge about Cryptocurrencies to the world.
A little over a year ago, she took the position of managing director and signed a partnership contract with Lionel Messi and the football team.

Adam Jiwan

Adam has 15 years of experience growing and leading innovative companies in various industries.
Spring Labs is a company that protects the safety of business data and Future Finance is a finance company.
He is a co-chairman and shareholder of Digital Disbursements.
Adam has raised $38 million in revenue by investing in private and public companies.
He invests in companies in over 30 different countries.
Adam’s goal is to reduce or eliminate the risk of storing the financial information of both consumers and companies.

Max Krupyshev

Max is the CEO of CoinsPaid.
A company called CoinPaid helps companies pay salaries in cryptocurrencies with zero commission.
The company has completed over five million transactions.
Max has been in the industry for a decade, gaining experience in mining and payment processing.
Max believes that companies will benefit from the use of Cryptocurrencies.
Max is of the opinion that almost every industry will use Bitcoin in the future.
Despite his belief in cryptocurrencies, Max is not afraid to address some issues in the industry, such as regulatory matters, where the application of certain technological assets is not possible in the lack of clear business regulations.

It became apparent that sometimes it is more important to pay attention to the players than it is to predict the game.
It is important to recognize the success but also the willingness to improve on industry and educate the community.
Many entrepreneurs in the industry are willing to do that.

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