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Turkey has a fixation on Crypto — explicitly Dogecoin: Study

Turkey Dogecoin

Turkey is in second place for searches related to doge coin.
The slump in the market doesn’t mean that people are less interested in it.

Many countries are still searching the internet for information about Cryptocurrencies, according to a new study.
According to the study, the Netherlands and Turkey are the top two countries for searching for terms related to Cryptocurrencies.
Turkey led the searches with sheer numbers.

The study used the combined number of searches for a select set of popular Cryptocurrencies into a percentage of the population for each country to calculate the percentage of locals searching each month.
Turkey came in first place for searches related to the doge coin with 812,000 monthly searches.
This is more than double the price of the country’s third most searched coin.
The DOGE curiosity was commented on by a person from the company.

“Dogecoin’s popularity surpasses Ethereum in a significant number of countries, with nearly 2 million more monthly searches for the coin.”

After being used as the poster crypto for internet Icon Elon Musk, the Cryptocurrency DOGE has remained a popular digital asset and crypto cultural phenomenon.

Among the cryptocurrencies included in the search results were Bitcoin, Solana, and Binance Coin, among others.
Germany, Canda, and the Czech Republic followed the Netherlands and Turkey in the ranks.

Despite the fact that the United States and the United Kingdom are major players in the Global Cryptocurrency industry, neither of them made it to the top of the results list due to the number of searches matching their population sizes.
The U.S. ranked 15th with 1.9%  U.K. takes the 12th spot with 2.6%.
Despite market conditions, major companies remain interested in the industry and continue to invest millions into crypto-related projects.

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