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US Authorities launch Page to Inform FTX’s Alleged Victims about SBF’s Case


According to the court filing, the quantity of victims in the FTX case made it “unfeasible” to depend on additional traditional methods of notification.
The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern Locale of New York has launched a page on its site interesting to Sam Bankman-Seared’s alleged victims of misrepresentation at FTX to come forward and illuminating them about court procedures.


In a Jan. 6 filing, Associate U.S. Attorney Danielle Sassoon mentioned the federal court allow her office to take “sensible, accurate, and convenient notification” to illuminate alleged extortion victims from crypto exchange FTX while under the initiative of Bankman-Seared. According to Sassoon, the public authority proposed an “alternative arrangement” for telling victims in the FTX case through a web-based notice which went live on Jan. 6.

According to the court filing, the quantity of victims in the FTX case — more than 1,000,000 creditors — made it “illogical” to depend on additional traditional methods of notification “without unduly complicating or drawing out the procedures in this matter.” Judge Lewis Kaplan endorsed the solicitation the same day.


If you suspect that you may have been a survivor of extortion by Samuel Bankman-Seared, a/k/a ‘SBF,’ please contact the person in question/witness coordinator at the US Attorney’s Office,'” said the notice.

The notice on the SDNY’s website informed viewers of the eight crook counts Bankman-Seared faces in court, as well as the freedoms victims have under federal regulation. The latter incorporated the option to be informed of public court procedures and request deals with Bankman-Seared, as well as conferences with the attorney addressing the U.S. government.

Following his capture in the Bahamas and removal to the US, Bankman-Seared argued not liable to all criminal accusations for his situation. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission have both declared charges against the previous FTX CEO, while Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang have as of now conceded to related charges.

Bankruptcy procedures separate from the criminal cases against Wang, Ellison, and Bankman-Seared are also progressing, with the following formal proceeding booked for Jan. 11. The U.S. Takeoff of Equity was currently holding onto more than $450 million worth of portions of Robinhood connected to FTX Gathering, for which BlockFi, Bankman-Seared, and others have made legitimate cases.


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