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US Gov’t $1.5T Debt Interest Will Be Equivalent 3X Bitcoin Market Cap In 2023

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The U.S. What might be compared to at least three Bitcoin market Covers at Current prices.
Commentators believe that Bitcoin Bulls don’t have to stand by lengthy for the United States to begin printing money once more.


The latest analysis of U.S. macroeconomic data has led one market strategist to predict quantitative tightening (QT) finishing to avoid a “catastrophic debt emergency.”
The U.S. Federal Reserve continues to remove liquidity from the financial system to battle inflation, reversing years of COVID-19-time money printing.

While interest rate hikes look set to continue declining in scope, some now believe that the Fed will soon have just a single choice — to stop the process altogether.

“Why the Fed will have no real option except to cut or risk a catastrophic debt emergency,” Sven Henrich, founder of NorthmanTrader, summed up on Jan. 27.

Higher for longer is not a math reality.The interest payments on the chart were uploaded by Henrich. The Government is spending $1 trillion per year.

A Confounding number, the interest comes from U.S. government debt being more than $31 trillion, with the Fed printing trillions of dollars since Walk 2020. Since then, at that point, interest payments have increased by 42%, Henrich noted.

The phenomenon has been noticed in other Circles. Well known Twitter account Wall Street Silver compared the interest payments as a part of U.S. tax revenue.The US paid $852 billion in interest on their debt. If the Fed keeps rates at these levels, we will have up to $1.5 trillion.

“The US government collects about $5 trillion in taxes.”

Interest rates on U.S. government debt chart
Interest rates on U.S. government debt chart Source: Wall Street Silver

Such a situation might be music to the ears of those with significant Bitcoin exposure. Times of “easy” liquidity have corresponded with increased hunger for risk assets across the standard investment world.


The Fed’s loosening up of that policy accompanied Bitcoin’s 2022 bear market, and a “turn” in interest rate hikes is in this manner considered by quite a few people to be the first indication of the “good” times returning.

Crypto torment before pleasure?

Not everyone, however, concurs that the impact on risk assets, including crypto, will be hard and fast sure preceding that.
ex-BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes believes that chaos will come first, failing Bitcoin and altcoins to new lows before any sort of long haul renaissance kicks in.

If the Fed faces a complete lack of choices to avoid a total implosion, Hayes believes that the harm will have previously been finished before QT gives way to quantitative easing.

“This scenario is not so great because it would imply that everyone who is buying risky assets now would be in store for massive drawdowns in performance. 2023 could be similarly as terrible as 2022 until the Fed turns,” he wrote in a blog entry this month.

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