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What’s in and what’s out for the upgrade: Ethereum’s Shanghai

Ethereum's Shanghai upgrade

A list of Eips have also been packaged in but Eip-4844 didn’t make the cut for the March 23, 2023 date for the Shanghai upgrade.
The enabling of staking withdrawals via the Shanghai upgrade is the first thing the core developers want to do.

The next key milestone on the horizon is the Shanghai upgrade, which will allow withdrawals for ETH stakers/validators from the Beacon Chain, among other things.
It was expected that EIP-4884 would be packaged in with Shanghai, so that it could be used to enhance Layer 2 rollup scalability (The Surge) ahead of the full implementation of the major Sharding upgrade late next year.

A new EVM contract format, code/data separations and new operation codes are included in the set of Eips that the devs have agreed to include.
If developers haven’t finished working on the EVM object format when Shanghai is ready for implementation, then EOF will be removed and shipped later.
The list includes Eip-3651: a set of previously agreed upon Eips.
Warm Coinbase.
Push0 instruction, Eip-3860:
Limit and meter initcode.
The beacon chain is pushing withdrawals.

EIP-3651: Some cost reduction benefits for the network could be achieved by Warm Coinbase.
The name of the software that builders use to receive new token on the network is referred to by the name of Coinbase.
Every new transaction on the platform needs to interact with the Coinbase software multiple times, however, the initial transactions start off more expensive as they need time to warm up.

with the new EIP scheme, this will no longer be the case, lowering gas prices when builders are interacting with it.

Sharding, according to the Ethereum Foundation, is a multi-phase upgrade that will significantly raise Ethereum’s “scalability and capacity” by means of shard chains, which will give the network significantly “more capacity to store and access data.
after all of this has been completed, the network’s next major event and final step in the roadmap is the Sharding upgrade, which is set to take place over 2023 and 2024.

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